Friday, July 24, 2009

Basically a test post

So my main man Genghis Grizzly recently started a blog and it got me thinking about certain things that I wanted to share and write down some thoughts about and I was going to do some guest posts on his blog, Purple Tape Pedigree, but ultimately I got too many ideas and decided to start my own. So here I am, slacking off at work making my first test post. I don't have access to much content and I can't spend too much time on this one so I'll jot down a few thoughts - I want to share thoughts on all kinds of stuff - things I've read, music I make, graffiti, hip hop records from the past (and hey maybe even the present if anything good ever comes out), music I think is really good, life, truth, beauty, whatever... and I hope I can get people enjoying what I post and talking and sharing thoughts and info.

I listened to this album yesterday in the car and I remembered watching this video dubbed from broadcast to VHS on a little black-and-white TV at my buddy Jask's house back in 1994 when it was in rotation. Watching this and some other treats, just scheming and dreaming, reading issues of Can Control and Monkey Styles (I hope you're checking this out and you still have those, B) ... it was a good time. This really isn't my favorite song on the album it's a part of (it's a strong album with really good production, and IMO Heavy Ammunition and C'mon with the Git Down are all-around better songs), but it's one of the very few cases of a music video really having an effect on me.

The reason I went back to this record is I just recently read an excellent interview with T-Ray, who produced a bunch of songs on it and, as I found out, had a lot to do with these guys getting their record deal (too bad the deal never really worked out all that well - the first album did OK for its time but they never got enough label support for tours and stuff, and their second record didn't do so well, and the duo ended up splitting). He's an interesting character himself, and there's a lot to digest in that interview.